Dr. Sam Reimer - Profile Sam Reimer, owner/operator of Restoration Counselling Services, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Kelowna, BC. Sam grew up in Kelowna and received his education in British Columbia, Europe, and the USA where he earned his doctorate in Christian Counselling. Happily married for 25 years, Sam is a lover of life and enjoys helping others experience more peace and happiness. He was a prison chaplain, and a teacher in Belgium for 11 years. In BC, he has taught at the college level, co-produced 18 TV programs ( 9 on Boundaries and 9 on Depression), and has been an instructor of counselling training. Sam has been a contracted clinical supervisor for counsellors working within an agency, and has worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups in various settings, as a student and as a professional, for over 30 years. He is trained and experienced in the use of over seventy therapies including TIR/LSR, EMDR, TAT, EFT, Cognitive-Behavioural, Guided Imagery, and Pastoral. Dr Sam also has a certificate in Trauma Counselling from the BC Justice Institute, as well as Critical Incident Stress Debriefing training and extensive experience. Sam counsels people in a wholistic, eclectic, pragmatic manner using spiritual principles (when requested) with a variety of issues including abuse, addictions, anger and stress, depression and grief, relationships, and trauma, including PTSD. He is also a trained and experienced Communication Specialist member of the Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group. Dr. Sam Reimer founded and developed Restoration Counselling Services while employed by the Kelowna Salvation Army in 1993. Since 1995, he has directed his own private practice, offering flexible venues and accessible services. He co-facilitated Parenting After Separation sessions for 4 1/2 years and has co-facilitated the Relationship Violence Treatment Program in the Okanagan. He contracts with several EFAP (Employee & Family Assistance Program) providers. Sam contributed weekly articles for Castanet.net on various aspects of counselling for many years, including mental health, healthy relationships, addictions, stress, life situations, etc.; in these articles he frequently reviewed and/or referred his readers to helpful books and websites. Sam became a member of the BCACC (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors) in July 1996. He served on the Registration Committee, the Board, and as Vice-President of Region 3, for over 12 years. He resigned those positions upon being appointed as a part-time member of the Parole Board of Canada; he served in that position for 6 years. During that time, he also co-authored a best-selling book: Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times.
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