ADDICTION & ABUSE An addiction is anything that is controlling us more than we are controlling it. All too frequently, when someone is not emotionally and/or mentally well, they resort to things that end up being an addiction. That addiction will ultimately destroy us and everything positive and good in our lives. It can be alcohol or drugs, pornography, sex, food, exercise, work, codependency, and countless other issues. There is always abuse involved in addiction. Some common themes of abuse include verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, social, religious, and financial. The examples under each of these topics numbers over a hundred and some are criminal offences. Healing and the breaking of bonds is real, and often comes through counselling. Dr. Reimer has personal experience regarding addictions and can give practical tips on how to have victory over them as well as provide a degree of accountability that is essential for any consistency in maintaining sobriety – abstinence from the addiction. Dr Sam can help you, if you are willing.
Addiction can be beaten!
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