The End of Life Event Some of us will become terminally ill and we will be aware that our death will be in the near future. Some will simply pass away due to old age. Some may die suddenly when least expected. In all these circumstances, the one thing you know is that death is a natural event that must occur to each and everyone of us. Generally we do not know when that event will occur. If you have loved ones around you, one of the kindest thing you can do - while still alive - is show them that you accept your approaching death and that you are okay with it. This will help them better deal with their grief when you are gone. Some of us believe when the last breath leaves our body, that is the end of you and you will live on only in the memories of those you leave behind. What happens if this is a wrong assumption? Based on countless credible testimonials there is another probability: though your body dies, your soul lives on into eternity. If this true, then you will have to consider the fact that there really is a God . If you reach that conclusion then you best prepare yourself for whole new look on things. If you have come to this conclusion, then the last major act for you to do, is ask Jesus Christ into your life, confess yourself to HIM, this must be from your heart. Believe that your redemption is already paid for. Then buckle up, you are in for an incredible ride. It is all good and it is forever, and by the way, it is all very real as you will see soon enough.
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