Depression / Grief Counselling Grief is a deep sadness in the core of one's being and comes from experiencing a loss (tangible or not) – something common to all of us. If that grief is not effectively resolved in a timely manner, a person can sink into depression. Everyone processes the emotional pain attached to grief in a different way and time. Clinical Depression is feeling down for more than a couple of weeks and can affect most areas of your life – appetite, sexual desire, degree of energy and motivation, level of self-esteem and optimism. It can result from a multitude of factors, including genetic vulnerability, a chemical imbalance, unresolved anger, sleep deprivation, unresolved stress or trauma – whether there is actual brain memory of this or not. It is very typical that anxiety accompanies depression. Depression is also often cyclical or recurrent. While every person is different, often the best way to reduce or work through the grief or depression is a combination of things. Here are 3 suggestions: 1. Sometimes pharmaceutical medication (anti-depressants) are necessary. If a person has an aversion to these, herbal treatments are sometimes effective. 2. With either of the fore-mentioned, there are a number of non-medical treatments you can do yourself, including: exercise, healthy diet and nutrition, mindful meditation seeking optimism, get rid of negative thoughts, laughter, calming/uplifting music, body massages, be around positive people, get some sunshine and fresh air. 3. Counselling with a competent therapist who is familiar with multiple therapies beyond just talking... It is important to emphasize here in order for any lasting positive change to be happening in a person's life, there are 4 things that are essential: they have to have awareness of the situation and the need for change, and they have to be ready, able, and willing to be experiencing that change. Dr Sam has experienced depression and used all and more than the points noted above. He has been loving life for many years! He can help you get through the pain of grief and depression when you are ready to do what it takes to be optimistic and love life more.
There is always hope, let us help you find it
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