First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP) Dr Sam is an approved provider for the FNHA IRS RHSP. This Program provides eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families with access to mental health support services so they may safely address the broad spectrum of mental wellness issues related to the negative impacts of Indian Residential Schools. IRS RHSP intends to fulfill commitments made in the 2007 IRS Settlement Agreement on behalf of Canada but delivered in BC by the FNHA. Dr Sam is willing to travel anywhere needed to provide these services - depending on prior approval from FNHA. Currently - since January of 2016 - he drives up to Burns Lake and Fort Babine typically once a month to provide counselling for FNHA IRS clients there. If you (or anybody you know) would like to have mental health counselling for issues that are directly or indirectly related to you or a family member having attended an IRS, contact Dr Sam; he will be glad to help.
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