First Responder Mental Well-Being First responders Occupational Stress Constant exposure to traumatic and critical incidents can take a toll on first responders. Accumulated occupational stress increases risk for burnouts, compassion fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritability, personal and family issues, mental health issues, sleep problems, reduced productivity, and reduced physical alignment. Dr Sam has a great sensitivity regarding the demands first responders face on a regular basis and how, over time, instinctive survival responses to traumatic stress may become maladaptive and detrimental to the individual’s overall well-being. Who can we help? First responders include many different people, such as firefighters, ambulance crews, 911 Operators, police, and anyone who responds to emergencies and disasters. After recently completing an intensive occupational awareness training in treating first responder trauma, Dr. Sam is on the preferred list of clinicians for BC firefighters and is equipped to assist first responders in other industries.
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